We are the people who dance in the aisles at grocery stores; sing along to the radio at the top of our lungs; bring new meaning to the term “car concert”; convince family members to do a lip sync video at holiday celebrations, and love any excuse to dress up in costumes. We work hard while playing hard because who says fitness can’t be fun?

You are invited to join the party! Dance and sing along with us - live in class or online - as we strengthen both mind and body through the joy of dance and power of music.

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JOSEPH CORELLA - Founder & Creator

Joseph Corella started dancing in Phoenix, Arizona at 7 years old. His love for dance was instant and movement became his creative outlet. Looking back, Joseph realized that while dance was a pivotal factor in his adolescent survival, it also had incredible health benefits. After performing professionally for 14 years from the Broadway stage to national tours, Joseph’s dream evolved into teaching dance fitness and choreography. His mission quickly became sharing the benefits of dance for the mind and body with as many people as possible.

Joseph’s move to Los Angeles was the true beginning of his fitness and choreography career. He had a vision of combining the power of strength training with the joy of musical theatre; to use both resistance bands and gold top hats in a safe, fun environment. The 567Sweat movement was born. He currently teaches the flagship class, 567Broadway! at The BOD by Kym in Beverly Hills. Combining strength training, dance, and amazing music, Joseph is committed to strengthening and inspiring his students.



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